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Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Rebels, featuring Little Jimmy Taylor - Laura' s "Pappy Jimmy" on Bass

Sorry the site is in such disarray but it has been in abeyance for some time. Hope you enjoy this short clip of Pappy with The Rebels in 1955 ... the only one we have of Pappy Jimmy! However, the sidebar contains many audio pieces ... including several taken from James Blackwood's 1958 Convention when he returned following his heart attack.

Here's what he said of his time with the Rebels ...

There's lots of humorous, good natured bantering, especially between "Big Jim" and JD Sumner at the convention ... folks were glad to see him back!

We have a Big Jim Waits - JD Sumner duet, with Hovie Lister on the ivories in our little Juke Box ... it's great!

However, my favorite is this version, introduced by James Blackwood in Bowling Green ... well, unless you count this wonderful old rendition of Jericho Road where he "plays his trombone" ... like he did the first time I saw him in Atlanta, back during the war when I was only four!

No, He didn't say "I love everybody and I hope everybody loves me!" ... but you could feel it ... just as you could feel that he loved what he was doing!

That won me over for life ... he was the greatest! JD Sumner thought so too! I thought so then ... and know so now ... Big Jim Waits, my favorite singer of all time!

At the bottom of the Juke Box is a selection bar containing question marks ... surprise random selections from about 80 songs ... different groups with whom "Pappy Jimmy" sang ... often featuring him!

If you have problems, questions or comments ... don't hesitate to leave them in the comments section ... or email me!!!

Yes, he loved everybody and hoped they loved him ... and they did!

We do too!

Enjoy ..