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Thursday, March 24, 2011

To Vote or Not To Vote ... that is the question

Who Votes?
As is to be expected, a higher percentage of older people vote than do the younger ... specifically, voter turnout is lowest among young adults, rapidly accelerating up through middle age, and then continues to increase at a slower rate, declining only slightly after age seventy, as the impact of advancing age becomes increasingly significant.
Who Doesn't?
It's estimated that close to 60% of us do not vote in Mid Term" elections! In a system based on majority rule, that's a big number ...
That's based on Census Registration/Voter Surveys covering the 1994 National Elections ... 52% of those eligible to register and vote reported having NOT voted!
1994 NOT Voting Precentages Analysis
Age GroupWeight Citizens NOT Registered
Registered Voting NOT Voting
18-205.360% 82% 55%
21-247.549% 75% 51%
25-3421.043% 64%38%
35-4422.931% 50%27%
45-5416.125%42% 22%
55-6411.123% 38% 19%
65-7410.020% 34%17%
75+7.123% 42%24%
All Ages100.033%52%28%
We must keep in mind that people tend to over report their participation in the electoral process. Election Data Services estimates indicate that 75 million voted in the 1994 elections while in the Census Surveys, 86 million reported having voted. Thus it appears that 48% reported having voted while only about 42% actually did.
That is to say, it is estimated that 58% rather than the reported 52% did not vote! Indeed they were the significant majority in our system of majority rule!
The misreporting dynamics are driven by competing forces and are thus complex, but that would suggest a crude adjustment of 10% when interpreting the numbers would, in most cases, be conservative.
Why all the interest in 15 year old survey data? Simply put, it was handy! However, the picture has been surprisingly stable over the last forty years since our eighteen year olds first became eligible to participate; at least in mid-term election years 1974 through 2006, where the dynamics of the presidential campaign are removed from the equation.
Who's not voting? That's the animal in which we're most interested. We're interested because they're not!
The distributions by age yielded few surprises. Perhaps they simply reflect an increased awareness of the relevance of government that comes with age. The young adult numbers may bespeak an obvious target and need for our involvement with the educational system, but 58% is a big number, no matter how you cut it. Even among the retired, indications are that the opportunity for good government would attract significant support from the currently inactive crowd.
What about Race, Education, Family Income, and Type of Employment?
The Census Survey showed reported as "NOT Voting" rates by race as 50% for Whites ... 61% for Blacks, and 66% for those of Hispanic Origin.
With regard to education ... again, no real surprises ... the percentage reporting as having NOT voted decreases as the educational level increases, from those with less than a 10 grade education to those holding advanced degrees.
  • Less than 10th Grade education ... 73%
  • 10th - 12th grades, non-graduated ... 71%
  • High School Graduates ... 60%
  • Some college, including Associate Degreed ... 51%
  • Bachelor Degreed ... 39%
  • Advanced Degreed ... 30%
As expected, voting levels increase as Family Income levels increased, consistently over the entire range from lowest to highest. For those in the bottom 7.5 percentile ... the reported level of having not voted was 74% while the rate for the highest rung, the top 15% in reported family income ... was 34%. For the 7.5% not reporting Family Income, the reported NOT Voting rate was 56%.
The Survey also provided data by Type of Employment within the civilian labor force. The composite of those having reported NOT Voting was 52% ... 51% for those employed, 68% for the unemployed.
The composite reported NOT Voting rate for those employed in Agriculture was 49% ... 37% of the Self Employed, 63% for the wage and salaried workers.
For Non-Agricultural workers, the Reported NOT Voting rate slightly higher at 51% ... 35% for governmental workers, ... 44% for the self employed, and 55% for wage and salaried workers in the private sector.
For those not in the civilian labor force, the composite Reported NOT Voting rate was 51%.
No, there were few surprises ... but confirmation is good for the soul ... and restoring one's confidence ... the self employed have a stake in what happens and so they vote, especially the farmers. Governmental workers vote too ... what's new?!
Scratching the surface doesn't tell us what's really beneath it but indications are that it's fertile ground. The reasons for not voting are many but most bespeak inadequate interest or dissatisfaction with the system. It does suggest some audiences for our efforts ... including both educators and students ... and, of course, this significant nonpolitical majority in our system of majority rule.
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

In God We Trust .... it's on our money!

... Five DollarsPennyand though our money is no longer as good as gold ... our trust in God is better! Those who don't, and those who would have us remove "In God We Trust" from our currency ... are urged to use what money they have to buy a ticket and move somewhere else!
If for no other reason, the order of things throughout the universe demands we conclude that the world of which we're a part was purposefully created. The "how" ... the "why" and the "what" may be beyond my comprehension, as are both the notion of a beginning and the one of things having always been ... but that doesn't change the fact that it was.
Show me a man who claims to understand it, and I'll show you a fool ... and/or a charlatan. If you believe him, I'll show you two.
No, I'm not talking about Charles Darwin. Though he's on the list of usual suspects, I think him neither fool nor charlatan. Best I can tell, he believed in a purposeful creation and was just trying to connect some dots regarding what's since transpired, based on his observations ... seems to have done a rather remarkable job too, when taken in proper context.
I choose to define the "what" as God ... seemingly, and I believe, with unlimited powers.
Largest SpiderIt seems everything has its purpose and its place ... I marvel at the fact that there are aver 40,000 identified species of spiders, from tiny ones smaller than the head of a pin to giant ones having legs of up to a foot long. Some experts believe there may as many as 100,000 or more.
There's nothing here really intended to be of a religious bent ... but with me increasing age, when I massage my little gray cells, I find myself more and more inclined to believe that God is inside each of us.
Perhaps proof positive that it's all beyond my comprehension ... that I'm crazy, or both. Certainly I can't imagine our having unlimited powers, nor do I so suspect ... but a bit of God inside of us would help explain the many wondrous thoughts we think, our unbelievable accomplishments ... and how our prayers are heard(whether we whisper or shout, sound doesn't travel very far)
It would also seem to support my belief that we come ready equipped with a core set of values and emotions ... an awareness of right and wrong, a conscience ... compassion. Those are of the acorn ... though how the oak grows still depends on how the twig is nurtured and bent. Yoda
Perhaps George Lucas' notion of "The Force" wasn't so far from the truth ... may it always be with us!
Since it's all beyond my comprehension, it would be illogical and unseemly for me to attempt judgment of other beliefs ... and for the same reasons, I respect those with honest and sincere beliefs different from mine, including those who reject all existing religious dogmas. However, I take strong exception to those who don't believe in a purposeful creation, that is to say, those I call the "atheists"
Inanity or insanity ... for me to attempt applying reason to something beyond my comprehension, take your choice ... but, were I to accept the notion that our universe was not purposefully created, then would it not follow that nothing has purpose, including me ... that, I cannot accept!!
Certainly there's nothing wrong with carefully considering such a possibility ... is it not our duty and obligation unto ourselves to keep an open mind and pursue truth? But having so done and found it to be wanting, I must conclude that those who disavow our purposefulness are, like the man who claims to understand "the beginning" ... fools, charlatans or both. I can't conceive of it being in our best interest that fools and charlatans be allowed to influence us or have a voice in those things that do.
Pragmatically, we can't effectively exclude folks from the citizenry or governing process just because of what they say they believe or don't, even if the law permitted ... truth is, most would just change the lyrics and sound of their tune.
But regardless of what songs some may sing, I don't believe that there are any of sober thought who really believe in something other than a purposeful creation ... indeed, I believe it's a null set.
2 Cent PieceMaybe we really didn't need to put "In God We Trust" on our currency back in 1864 when it was first done ... the whole world knew where we stood on that issue from our declaration and constitution! However, were we now to remove it, that would tell the whole world and future generations, in no uncertain terms, that we had abandoned that belief ... not a good idea. The fools and charlatans who would have us believe that it's a violation of the church and state provisions of the Constitution are indeed a special class; deserving of free, one-way, first class passage to the destination of their choice!
In bad times, man turns to God ... when times are good, not so much.
Many years ago, a very wealthy, highly successful, influential and well respected man ... reluctantly took a rare but much needed vacation. 1950 RollsA fear of flying greater than that of John Madden found him in the back of his Rolls for two full days as he was driven to a retreat just south of Miami.
Upon arrival came an urgent message ... an unexpected emergency of gigantic proportions had arisen, threatening to destroy his vast empire. Everyone was in a panic; only he could save the day. He must return at once ... time was of the essence, the only option was to fly!!
An hour later found him and his police escort at the airport ... special arrangements were made; plane in stormhe was driven unto the runway and allowed to board a departing plane ... non-stop to his New York destination.
Well, as luck, fate or Providence would have it, thirty minutes into the flight ... they encountered a massive thunderstorm, the plane was being tossed about ... and indeed, the stewardesses were all seated as a precaution. The man was distraught, beside himself ... forget his massive empire, his life was coming to an abrupt end!
Sea Of Galilee StormHe wasn't a religious man but perilous times demanded drastic measures ... he had but one option ... pray!! "Oh Lord, I'm not a religious man and I don't know how to pray ... but, I need your help and if you will get us safely to New York, I will give you half of all I own!" Calm Sea Of Galilee
Well, almost immediately, ... this storm, like the one on the Sea of Galilee ... was gone, as though it had never been. The remainder of the flight, smooth and uneventful.
All believe in God, though some may disavow ... in bad times, man turns to God
As he was departing the plane, a preacher accosted him with outstretched hand ... "Hallelujah Brother, ... I heard what you said about giving half of everything you own to the Lord, and know you want to start right now!"
Smiling, with his feet once again on solid ground, our wealthy man replied, "No, I made a better deal ... told him if I ever got on another one of these danged things, he could have it all!!"
... when times are good, not so much.
Japan EarthQuakeSpeaking of bad times, none worse than the earthquakes and tsunami that have recently ravaged Japan ... the resulting destruction defies verbal description. In a word, it's bad ... real bad!
Ye Olde Barbershop, the Southern Jackass, and I know that you will keep them, the people of Japan, and all those affected by this horrible disaster ... in your thoughts and in your prayers. They need our help, yours and mine.
In God We Trust!
God Bless
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Saturday, March 12, 2011

NPP Hall Of Fame - Edmund Burke

The Shop's "Non-Political Politics" Special Feature is predicated on the assumption that the vast majority of us share a common set of core values and beliefs ... here's something upon which to chew.
Edmond BurkeMy Miss Carol introduced me to Edmund Burke ... he was a bit older than we, being an English contemporary of our Founding Fathers. Our view, that of Miss Carol and me, was much the same as his, ... that ours "is not a congress of ambassadors from different and hostile interests ... where each must promote those interests as an agent and advocate, against other agents and advocates. Ours is a deliberative assembly of one nation, with one interest, that of the whole ... where the general good, not local purposes, not local prejudices, resulting from the general reason of the whole, ought to guide."
They talked a bit different back then ... but Burke's idea that our representatives should work together for the general good of everyone rather than promoting the interests of their own local communities ... is hard to beat, no matter how you say it.
He of course was speaking of the English Parliment back before the declaration but I think that George Washington, John Adams, Dr. Franklin, James Madison and most of our Founding Fathers held similar views ... and it indeed expresses what I believe to be their intent. Some might argue with justification that the "States" represented different and hostile interests; each with its agents and advocates ... but, "the best interest of the whole" is what guided the Constitutional Convention of 1787.
Time has changed many things, including our governing and the attitude of our governors ... but I believe that "Burke's Law" continues to be the guiding light for proper republican government.
It follows that when folks are selected at the local level to serve as our representatives at a higher level ... the state or national level, their primary focus necessarily shifts from the local to the higher, as does their duty and obligation ... that is, with the general good of the whole. Well, if it don't, it should.
That sits well with some folks, not so well with others. Does today, as it did in 1774 when Burke made his famous speech to the Electors of Bristol.
That is not to say that those who represent us should not take into full account the needs, concerns and desires of those they represent. Our representatives should remain in close contact and association with their constituents. Make no mistake ... like Burke said, our wishes should carry great weight, our opinions respected, our needs and concerns given unremitted attention.
He considered it to be the representative's duty to "sacrifice his repose, pleasures and satisfactions" to those of his constituents ... and above all, ever, and in all cases, to prefer their interest to his own.
Well, if you support and vote for a fellow, it's only fair that he listens to you and does what you want ... common sense, right? No, not exactly ... not even good in horseshoes.
It may seem somewhat convoluted, if not more contradictory than profound ... but be patient, ... here's what got Edmund Burke into the Hall Of Fame ... "But his unbiased opinion, his mature judgment, his enlightened conscience, he ought not to sacrifice to you, to any man, or to any set of men living.
These he does not derive from your pleasure; no, nor from the law and the constitution. They are a trust from Providence, for the abuse of which he is deeply answerable. Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays, instead of serving you, if he sacrifices it to your opinion."

Bite down hard on that, he was talkin' plain ... them's more than just a bunch of good sounding fancy words strung together ... Burke made it clear that should local interests emerge that are perceived to be in opposition to the real good of the whole, the member for that place ought to oppose such interests the same as all the other representatives.
I suggest that Edmund Burke's name should be added to the list of those opposed to political parties before they existed! Modifying Burke a bit, "Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays, instead of serving you, if he sacrifices it in any way ... no ifs, no ands, no buts!" How can your representative best serve the good of the whole while being under obligation to any faction? In a word, He cannot!
Burke's view was that to deliver an opinion, is the right of all men ... those of constituents are to be considered weighty and respectable for which a representative ought always be appreciative and which he ought always most seriously consider.
"But," He argued, "government and legislation are matters of reason and judgment, and not of inclination; and what sort of reason is that, in which the determination precedes the discussion; in which one set of men deliberate, and another decide; and where those who form the conclusion are different from those who hear the arguments?"
Clarified Burke, "authoritative instructions; mandates issued, which the representative is bound blindly and implicitly to obey, to vote, and to argue for, though contrary to the clearest conviction of his judgment and conscience, ... these are things utterly unknown to the laws of this land, and which arise from a fundamental mistake of the whole order and tenor of our constitution."
While it may seem to some that the thrust is directed toward the proper demands and expectations of the electors ... it is at least a two way street. Ignoring corruption, is not the more common failing that of the representative honestly believing that his duty and obligation is to bow to the will of his constituents ... rather than to exercise his judgment for the general good of the whole?
Who among our current congressmen and senators best fills the role of Representative as prescribed by Edmund Burke? What say ye?
Non-Political Politics - Hall Of Fame ... Charter Member Edmund Burke
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Little Brother

Tennessee RiverAfter moving to Chattanooga, Daddy and I would sometimes "follow the river" ... the Mighty Tennessee ... and try our luck, which was most often bad. Prickly PearsThe bad luck wasn't always limited to the "catch" ... once, over at "Duck River" I slipped and fell into a clump of prickly pears as we were loading the boat.
Baby brother was a bit too young for those trips but I remember early one Saturday Morning, taking him fishing down at the creek what was not too far from where we lived ... a good place to fish back then, if you were careful of the snakes. We walked, close to two miles, but it didn't seem that far, what with the anticipation and all.
Mitchell Garcia reelI was told by the salesman at the sporting goods store that the real secret to fishing was in having the right equipment ... and if that were true, today was going to be extra special as I had a new Mitchell Garcia 300. I did baby brother proud too ... got him a green bamboo pole, fishing line, hooks, sinker and float ... all just slightly used ... plus a box of fresh, unused worms from Daddy's garden, not even slightly.
The CreekIt was barely daylight when we got his line in the water. I had just made my second cast when he hollered ... "I think I got a bite" ... there was the usual current but the float hadn't really moved ... so I said, I don't think so ... watch your float; you'll know when you get a bite!
That seemed to satisfy him ... for about 30 seconds before ... "I think I got another bite" followed by my assurances that surely he had not. Whatever he was feeling evidently stopped for he was quiet for almost 10 minutes, before "I think it got my bait ... do you think it got my bait?"
That went back and forth a bit ... before I suggested we just check and see.
Danged if he wasn't stuck ... it wouldn't budge! Well, "extra special" would just have to wait. We had plenty of worms and hooks ... an extra float ... but just the one pole, and no additional line, at lt least not without taking some from mine.
Well, if he tried to jerk it out of there, I figured it would probably pop the line and we would lose hook, line, sinker and float ... not really what we wanted to do.
I decided the best approach was for him to hold the pole parallel to the ground, backing up until the slack was all but eliminated ... and then steadily raising it. using increasing force as he went.
He did his part ... he pulled up on it for what seemed like over a minute ... but, nothing happened!
Then, without warning, whatever had been holding it gave way ... and it came out of the creek in a flash, bringing 'bout half the creek bed with it ... everything flying over our heads, the pole being jerked out of his hands by the force!
We saved his pole, line, sinker, float, even the hook ... but not the bait. No, surely the giant monster on the end of his line had the bait. We didn't know what it was but something big, really really big, was on the end of that line ... part of a tire?
It probably took five minutes to find it in the tall weeds and stuff ... the first four spent working up the nerve to go look for it. Yes, we heard the racket it was making ... that was what was so scary. His rig could have stirred a wildcat, raccoon, fox or something ... I didn't know what it was and wanted to be real careful, however, The MonsterI guess little boys know no fear, 'cause while I contemplating a plan, I heard "I told you I thought it got my bait!"
It was probably getting close to 7:30 by then ... It was my turn to catch a fish but baby brother wanted to go home and show off his prize!
It wasn't like we weren't expecting to catch some fish ... I had a stringer but it wasn't designed for no giant monsters! How we got it home in one piece defies description ... but we did, actually with only minimal damage, and that to the mouth ... though it seemed to take forever.
Mama and Daddy were still in bed asleep ... it was Saturday Morning.
That was fun ... or would have been, had baby brother listened to reason. Over my protestations, and unsuccessful attempts to stop him ... he insisted on taking the fish through the house and into their bedroom!
He should have listened to me ... we were convicted of two of the greatest crimes of the 20th century ... him doing it ... my letting him! However, once that had been settled, they went on snoozing and got up at their usual time ... as if nothing had happened.
Our maid identified it as a "Bugle Mouth Bass" ... 12 pounds ... a giant cousin of the goldfish ... yes, a carp! Pictures were taken and baby brother was on his way to stardom! Daddy didn't say much but somehow the best of the pictures wound up in Interstate's monthly house organ ... together with a glowing detailed account of the young angler's experience.
No mention of me!
Carp DinnerThere's nothing wrong with properly prepared Carp ... some really like it but many in the United States have an aversion to eating such fish. Carp BurgerYears later, I received a midnight call from an excited young man who had been asked by a national fast food chain to come up with a name for a "carp sandwich" ... yes, of course, it was baby brother! The only reason you haven't heard of the "Bugle Mouth Bass Burger" is that we feared for his life should folks find out what they were eating!
Two and Two don't always add up!
I once tried to help him with his studies ... well, one subject ... arithmetic. It was the beginning of the school year ... we covered each chapter, me explaining ... him asking questions and doing the practice exercises.
I gave him tips and showed him tricks, how they worked and why ... he took to it like flies to honey. There's no question but that the experience had a great and profound influence on his life!
Within a very short time, he was approaching the end of the book ... it was a Sunday afternoon ... Billy Studyinghe was sitting on the living room floor doing some long division exercises and simplifying some fractions ... successfully and without assistance.
As he was completing his work, the doorbell rang! It was the little girl from across the street, one of baby brother's schoolmates ... come to play. "What are you doing?" she asked. "Long Division" proudly replied brother Billy.
"Oh no, you can't do that ... that's too hard! See, it's almost at the end of the book, and we've just started! You can't understand it!"
Like I said, I once tried ... that is, I tried once. Seemingly convinced that he couldn't do what he had been successfully doing, he was distraught. I found it hard to believe ... still not sure. It just didn't add up ... maybe he just didn't want to be seen as an egghead ... maybe.
Well, maybe a lot of things, but one thing's for sure ... he sure solved those problems!
Like I said, my efforts had a profound influence. Had it not been for me, he might well have been an accountant or taught arithmetic.
His youngest is the proud Mama of a one year old daughter ... CIA Emblemsmart as a whip, that kid of hers! At her wedding reception, I found out that I had been a member of the CIA ... no, the kid's not married ... yet! But, that's what one of baby brother's closest friends was telling all who would listen ... no, not that the kid was married ... that I was a member of the CIA. I learned a lot about myself by listening!
Old RowboatSeems I was held in awe for having once commandeered a boat for them while they were still under aged teenagers, for unspecified dubious purposes ... one of those God and Lamont Cranston things.
I thought perhaps I was misunderstanding what I was hearing ... that it was the wine ... or that perhaps he was having fun playing me and his audience. No, another of his friends later confirmed it, word for word.
Baby Brother's ragtag "gang" was sort of the antithesis of the "Over The Hill Gang" ... Training Wheels versus Walkers ... don't think they have a code word like "Brazos!" but I'd bet the ranch they'd all respond to a cry for help from one of the others!
Baby brother had glamorized his big brother's exploits to his friends just a bit ... and got the agency wrong too. True, I worked with the fellows of a different agency ... we translated monitored East German and Russian communications and worked on breaking their high level codes. Nothing glamorous, just hard work! The locals seem to think that we counterfeited money ... not sure where they got that idea but it made a good cover.
No, I didn't commandeer no boat or nothing like that ... had to be somebody else ... but, I did on occasion join them when they ere playing cards ... Acey Deuceyintroduced them to a little game called "Acey Deucey."
We played for "pennies" ... but I think the ante was a nickel. The rules were simple ... each player received two cards and played in clockwise rotation ... betting any amount up to the size of the pot.
The rank of the honors (10-J-Q-K=A) were (10-11-12-13-14). Declare your bet ... receive a third card ... if it was between your two dealt cards, you won ... if not, you lost.
If your third card matched one of the other two, you lost double!
It's a fun game ... you expect to break even but you can play for a long time without ever having a winning hand and only lose a dollar or two, especially when you're just playing for pennies!
One of Billy's friends really took to the game ... had good card sense, and was lucky too ... won several pots in a very short time. Guess it's a bit like Jerry Reed's old song ... ""When you're hot you're hot!""
And, when you're not, you're well advised to listen to Kenny Rogers ... "know when to walk away, know when to run!"
Unfortunately for baby brother's friend, this was years before Kenny first sang ""The Gambler"" ... there were just the three of us then playing ... a 15 cent pot ... I think he had a 5 and a Queen ... went for the pot ... his third card was a three, so the pot was then thirty cents.
Billy and I both lost nickels ... with the pot at forty cents; all smiles, he again confidently went for it, having a "King-4" ... his second King brought a different emotion ... and 80 more cents. Then Billy and I both won dime bets ... reducing the pot to 100 pennies ... more importantly, everything in the pot was his!
You think you know where it's headed, and you won't be disappointed!
Well, maybe a little surprised ... he didn't lose every time ... mostly just a few small bets on some mediocre hands, but he seemed jinxed whenever he had a good hand and "went for the entire pot." I think he went for it all, 5 more times before it was won.
Remember, he had gone for the pot when it was 15 cents ... then 40 cents, $1.00, $2.00 losing double when he matched fours, $6.50 and $13.00 ... play slowed ... it had gotten serious and he was sweating buckets, as they say. All he had left before the bet was $20.00 ... now it was seven.
Obviously he couldn't cover the $24.00 pot, next time 'round ... and we didn't want no markers Derringerso we agreed to let him put his shiny pistol in the pot to cover his bet and receive credit for 2,600 pennies.
I know, what's a kid doing with a gun? Well, he really didn't need it ... this was an honest, friendly game ... for pennies, remember ... and besides, he said it was worth more. Perhaps most importantly, we were playing with his money.
I guess it was predestined ... the next time he went for the pot, he matched Jacks ... 4,800 of his 5,000 pennies went into the pot.
It was a few rounds before anyone had a decent hand ... yes it was him again, but the hand wasn't really that good ... Queen-6, I think, but he knew I had an Ace and the case four. In his mind, he couldn't afford not to try ... of course, he wasn't really thinking too clearly.
Well, the pot was up to $145.00 as I too had lost a small bet ... by then, we were letting him turn over his third card ... and that slowed the game almost to a halt ... Pennies Pilehis, being afraid to turn it over, and then afraid to look.
But first, he had to come up with 29,000 pennies, in case of a match ... unlikely, but he had had 2 matches already.
Think of it ... a $435 pot ... that's a lot of pennies!Motorcycle
Of course he didn't have any money ... but, he did have a motorcycle, his pride and joy!
Well, five minutes later, I owned a pistol, a motorcycle and a few thousand pennies to boot ... what could I do with those? The pennies would be converted into dimes and with "Bookie" Turner's help, I'd "tilt" and beat the illegal "Bingo" pinball machine down at the Service Station and turn them dimes into dollars! That was the plan ...
TaraWell, what about the pistol and the motorcycle? Give them back, of course ... but not right away.
Said our distraught young gambler in training ... "I'll go home. And I'll think of some way to get them back. After all ... tomorrow is another day"
BookieWho was this "Bookie" Turner? Why the local sheriff, of course. While pinball machines were legal for entertainment purposes, it was illegal for businesses to pay us for the games we won ... illegal and rampant! Those machines were everywhere ... bowling alleys, service stations, diners; even at the Farmer's Market.
Bookie'd do most anything to get the goods on those who did, including lifting one side of the machine while I put matchbooks under one front leg so as to "tilt" it and give me an advantage ... another story for another time.Doc Holliday
What became of our young pistol packing, motorcycle riding, Doc Holliday protégé? ... I warned that you might be surprised. No, he didn't become a dentist or a dealer in Las Vegas ... seems some lessons are better learned than others and losing his shirt, rod and scooter was a sobering experience Though now retired, he became known is some parts of the state as "Mister District Attorney"
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