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Monday, March 29, 2010

Atlanta Braves 2010 Season Opener At Turner Field Monday ...

After starting each of the last five seasons on the road, the Atlanta Braves are excited to have Opening Day back at Turner Field on Monday, April 5th, when the Chicago Cubs come to town for a 4:10 p.m. match-up. The Braves will host the Cubs for a three-game series to start the season April 5th, 7th and 8th.

What are your thoughts concerning some of the new Braves players acquired during the off-season? ... the team as a whole? ... the team's performance during spring training? ... their outlook for 2010? ... and your feelings as to Bobby Cox's final year as manager of the Atlanta Braves? -- or any other team or sport for that matter ... we would like to know, so please direct all comments to the General Discussion section just above this post ... simply click on the "Come Right In" button to join the discussion!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hana, Maui ... WOWIE!!

The love of my life and your Miss Carol wrote this a while back ... in early February, methinks, shortly after being placed in a nursing facility for Hospice care in Lebanon, Tennessee.

At our request, our great and wonderful friend, John ... yes, The Southern Jackass ... The Shop's Proprietor ... supplied some pictures he found on the Internet, as only he can do. All of the pictures were great ... and relevant to the story too.

Plans were to embed some in the story as we usually do, Carol and I ... However, she wants all of them to be included, and so we shall! Thanks John!!

Her condition has significantly worsened and no longer allows her to participate but she hopes you enjoy the story ... it was a very special adventure for us, one she especially wanted to share. Rest assured that I'll read any and all comments to her and we'll both treasure them more than you can possibly know! Hopefully you'll forgive any typographical errors and such ... it's presented as she wrote it, without her usual insistence on repeated editing efforts so as to give you her very best. Our lives during these last years have been truly blessed ... sharing our experiences, stories and opinions ... hearing some of yours ... and making some friends. Thanks!!

Here it is ...

This is a road trip that we highly recommend but strongly urge your first road trip to be a tour driven by a professional driver, like my favorite driver Clifford. Clifford used to live in Hana and drove out every morning to his job as a tour bus driver to Hana. He knew everyone we passed on the road and, of course knew all the stories about who lived in and around Hana, including Jim Neighbors and his Macadamia Nut Ranch, George Harrison of the Beatles had a place there along with Kris Kristofferson (called a mountain millionaire). The road to Hana is very narrow, one lane in many areas, sometimes requiring you to back up for miles until an oncoming car can slip past you. Once you have a feel for the trip, rent a red Mustang convertible, be sure you know how to quickly raise the convertible top (it gets rainy on the northside of Hana - ALOHA/. He also showed us a Brush bush. You could use the brushes off the bush just like a paint brush. Clifford also introduced us to the most beautiful tree in the world, the rainbow or painted eucalitseucalitus, buy some Hawaiian war chants to listen to during the drive. Clifford taught us how to speak Hawaiian - you should speak like an angry Hawaiian Warrior-(A)LO(HA)/ The turn off to take you to Hana shows 21 miles. But that's a full day drive there and back. Either take a packed lunch or hold out for the Hana Ranch Restaurant. The restaurant is not always fully open but there is outside food service, like hamburgers and ice cream. The ice cream is excellent, some of the best I have ever had. You can eat looking out at Hana Bay. There is a store (Hana Ranch Store) behind the Hana Ranch Restaurant. It's worth a look. I bought my Kikuyu Nut Leis there. I have had those leis recognized in Las Vegas and Beverly Hills, California as being from Hana, Maui. A little past Hana is Oheo Gulch, sometimes called the Seven Sacred Pools but there are more than 7 pools. So, Oheo Gulch it is. When we were there there were some young men there immersed in the pools without theire swimming truncks on. The park quides were watching closely to be sure they stayed covered. But one of them was certainly pushing the envelope. Be sure that you have a good understanding of your rent-a-car contract, when we drove there was a spot that if you drove past, you owned the car. I see that they now have all sorts of "eco-drive" tours to Hana, so you may find it a better deal to stick to professional driver tours.